Solar Thermal Solutions

Available Technologies

Thermo Siphon System

For small application, up to 3000 liters capacity, users may prefer thermo siphon system for its simplicity and ease of operation. In such cases, the source of the cold water must be placed at least 7 feet above the terrace level for size up to 500 liters,( for larger tank sizes, the height requirement may go up to 10 feet or higher),where solar water heater system will be installed.

» Thermosyphon System with Overhead Tank
» Thermo syphon System with Pressurized water supply
Forced circulation system

For systems of size larger than 3000 liters per day, customer may choose forced circulation system. These systems may also be used for smaller than 3000 litres/day capacity also where thermo-siphon system cannot be used due to limitation of height of the cold water tank. For Search Case below, techlogics are adapted.

» Forced circulation with heat exchanger
» Solar water heater with heat exchanger

In places where water quality is not suitable for direct use in the solar collector, solar water heater system with indirect heating is required. Users located in low temperature zones (minimum night temperature of 2ยบ C and below) have to use solar water heater with indirect heating with antifreeze. If the water pressure coming from the cold water source is very high (above 3 bar) it will be necessary to use heat exchangers. For thermo siphon system, heat exchangers shall be always in the hot water storage tank. Whereas for forced flow systems, heat exchanger may be inside the hot water storage tank or located outside the tank depending on the design.

Solar Steam Generation Solutions: